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Hi Tech Epoxy Paint Tool
June 1, 2010, 10:02 pm
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Using technology to get things done is all in the palm of our hands. The growth of the mobile market is astronomical, especially in the mobile apps download. There are many free apps, but there are some that cost as little as $2.00. The point is mobile apps is a growing market. New things to come in the world of epoxy paint. Sherwin Williams have their ColorSnap and Benjamin Moore have the ProConnection for the paint contractor. Coming soon Top Secret Coatings will roll out our ecommerce mobile app for iphone and Androids.

We will help you with your small and large paint project. You don’t have to be a contractor to use our mobile app or a DIY homeowner on steroids. This app is for anyone that needs to have their garage floor coating or any type of concrete floors in any settings. Whether it be at your swimming pool or concrete floor inside a manufacturing plant.

The coming features of our epoxy paint app is to showcase our line of effective concrete floor coats. A simplified paint calculator, and instructions on the applications of the concrete paint. Some of these are the hardcore concrete paint for tough conditions that you see in industrial plants, and some are the popular epoxy water based paint. These water based paint are low zero no “voc” , that won’t harm you. This is the going “green” epoxy paint that is eco friendly for our environment that everyone can benefit from.

So in the meantime watch for the widgets & our epoxy paint mobile apps to be coming out for everyone to use.

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Two Part Epoxy
May 10, 2010, 4:39 pm
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All this talk about epoxy for garage floor paint. So what is the hype about epoxy? Epoxy is very popular among painters of interior and exterior houses. Contractors that specialize in concrete floors for residential and commercial love epoxy coating. Epoxy paint coat offers durability and flexibility.

Epoxies are polymer materials that starts out as liquids and converts to solid polymer through chemical reaction. An epoxy base polymer is very strong, chemically resistant to degradation of chemical elements in the solid form and highly adhesive during conversion from liquid to solid.

Epoxies are made up of 2 components, you have resin & hardener. Resins are usually light and almost odorless. Hardeners are dark and have a very strong like “amonia” smell.  Combine the two and let the chemicals do its work and you have a durable plastic material that can withstand chemicals and oils.

Contractors and homeowners love this stuff due to its flexible application to almost any properties.

Paint Hardwood Floors
April 5, 2010, 7:05 pm
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Are you thinking of painting your hardwood floors? What type are you painting? What type of hardwood floor you have will determine what preparations you need to do before you can paint. These instructions are for a hardwood floor that is varnished.

– First thing is to sand the wood floors that you would like to paint to remove the old varnish and to smooth them. A sander will make your wood floors easier to paint. If you do not own a power floor sander, rent one. Doing it by hand, with sand paper, is tough.  Place a mask over your nose and mouth when you sand. Be sure you take the necessary steps to keep the dust contained in your rooms where you are sanding.

– Clean your floors with a good wood floor cleaner or just use vinegar and water. You want to make sure your floors are not only smooth but also free of residue.

– Tape the areas where you are going to paint. You want to protect your walls from any paint that you put on your floors.

– Apply primer to your wood floors. A primer prepares your floor for painting by contributing to a smooth surface and ensuring that your paint adheres to the surface. It also protects your wood floors. Make sure the primer can be used on wood floors. Once done, apply a sealer that is formulated for wood floors.

Super Floor Coat have a variety of  epoxy paint for hardwood and concrete. These are mil specs paint which were originally for tough concrete floor coatings, but with the advances in the paint chem technology. Chemist have gotten very creative and able to formulate paints for any industry and uses.

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Prepping The Concrete
March 29, 2010, 6:23 pm
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Prepping the concrete floor is the most crucial stage prior to applying epoxy concrete floor coatings. When you apply the finishing coat with a poorly prep floor. You will wind up redoing the whole process over again.

In other words you will have to strip the coat. Re-prep the floors which involves sanding, blasting, and maybe grinding to get the floors in the condition to apply the finish.

These epoxy paint finish from Super Floor Coat have a 10 year guarantee. Investing in your garage or basement is a great way to increase the value of your home.

If you are a contractor, then you understand the importances of prepping as commercial settings are exposed to much extreme traffic and oils.  Click on our concrete floor finishes to see our paint products.

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Beauty of Epoxy Paint
March 22, 2010, 2:18 am
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Using a simple epoxy paint has many advantages.  If you need quality concrete floor coating to protect your garage floors. Super Floors has the product to give you that protection.

This epoxy paint is water proof, has low volatile organic compound. The chemical danger is at a minimum so you should still adhere to basic safety gear such as gloves, and face mask.

The mono epoxy is durable and very easy to work with. There is no need to do any extra mixing. It is self priming, all you have to do is just roll the coat on. When we say anyone can do we mean it.

This mono epoxy can hold up to abrasion, foot traffic, and leaking oils from vehicle. So com on to http://www.superfloorcoat.com to check us out.  This particular mono epoxy that we explained above is the residential. We also have coating special for commercial/military as well.

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Time To Paint Your Boat?
March 19, 2010, 6:15 pm
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Boat paint is getting the attention lately, must be due to the good weather soon to come. Painting boat is time consuming, but with the right quality epoxy paint its a good investment.

Depending on where you have your boat stored, temperature wise if its too hot. The life of the paint may not live up to its claim. Another thing to note is painting above the water is different than below water line. Topside paint should never be used where exposed to water.

Topside paints can be used on metal, wood, etc..  But should be carefully cleaned prior to the paint job. For paint on the bottom side you must use the appropriate one to address the issue of water exposure.

For more information of what type of epoxy paint for boat, whether its for topside and bottom side we can help, so give us a shout! 877-568-2168 or leave a comment.

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Pool and Pond Paint Free Shipping
March 18, 2010, 4:18 pm
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Today special is Free Shipping on any pool paint on the Life Guard Paint website. Pools require concrete floor coatings to protect from the chlorinated water.

Life Guard Paint is a division of Top Secret Coatings. Many of the paint products are epoxy and some are military specs paint for the heavy duty work.

You’re getting great quality, and durability in the product that can be applied to most pool and pond surfaces.

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